Accessories are the salt and pepper of fashion. This is why Crimson has selected especially for you those accessorie brands that we have fallen in love with.

Quantities are very limited as they are handmade in a unique artisanal way. 



These beautiful and playful hand-crafted jute bags are a joyous outcome of a design collaboration between Louise Jackson and the skillful traditional handcrafters from Southwest Bangladesh.

100% locally-grown, these light jute bags are both souple and sustainable. Each word can easily express your mood of the day, so let these bags follow you from the beach to a brunch in the city.

Most importantly  this project aims to empower local women in Bangladesh and support their access to health and education.




Muuñ stands for « Smile » in Wolof.  Which is exactly what you do when you discover these beauties. 

Those handcrafted baskets are made in Ghana,  and finished in Paris with natural dyed textiles made from ancient techniques. The collection incorporates influences from Africa, France and Japan. 

A unique bag made by women for today’s modern women.



Crimson sometimes has the opportunity to give an appreciative hand to people and/or communities who work hard and deserve the recognition. This is why we are so proud to have the pleasure to work with a woman who created a work force of deserving Colombian women. 
The Wayuu bag carries the name of an indigenous tribe WAYUU, known as the people of sand, sun and wind.

Each bag is individually crafted and provides the proud owner a sense of  uniqueness.