12 Ply 100% cashmere ribbed shawl cardigan made in Scotland. Ragland Sleeves with 5 dark tan leather buttons and two patch pockets.

You ladies might have noticed this beautiful classic piece repeatedly worn by some rather iconic gentlemen. President Kennedy was photographed wearing it on his boat with Jackie while enjoying some nice days on the water just off of Nantucket Island. Rex Harrison wore it throughout the film of My Fair Lady and Steve McQueen obviously turned heads when he leant his own cool way of wearing it.

When my own daughters would always go straight for the smallest men’s size, I decided they were on to something. With each passing season, there seem to be more and more ladies who understand and adapt this cool and classic knitwear piece when the weather calls for a casual cover up.

There are two philosophies on choosing a size. One being that you opt for a smaller and closer to the body look (keeping it more feminine),  or go straight for the bigger size that gives a more easy to wear over everything attitude. 


Once you have slipped this over your head, you will undoubtedly be hooked. Seriously. This luscious 12 ply cashmere ribbed roll neck poncho is a quick out the door affair. When looking for that ultimate luxurious cover-up, this is the ONE and ONLY. It easily fits all individual silhouettes as it is a one size fits all solution. We have purposely kept the roll neck quite loose which gives it a breathe easy feeling. I personally like to pull it down a bit in front for a kind of haphazard look (that’s me….I love being a little slouchy). The 50 centimeters slits on either side gives a really nice swing to its movement. Hand done saddle stitching finishes the bottom edges and this in itself takes 8 hours to accomplish. The ribbing on the sleeves allows an easy transition for having a 3/4 length sleeve, depending on your mood. Don't just lust after this, girls………You owe yourself a try on!!!


Yes, admittedly, I was inspired by the men’s cardigan already available in my boutique. However, I am a little tired of the term Boyfriend…….so let’s just call this little jewel of a sweater a "V-Neck Cardigan" for simplicity’s sake. Girls, we all need this in our wardrobe, and I am telling you why right now!!! V-Necks are a tricky situation. Too low a V indicates that one must layer. Right, ladies? On the other hand, too high a V can be a little matronly (who needs that!!!). So Linda (that being me) tried to get the V just right. Hopefully, you will agree that this cardie has a very versatile neckline. Do it alone or get creative, ladies!!! The overall silhouette is neither too fitted at the waist nor does it have tight bottom ribs which might create a tight effect over that particular area we like to leave alone. Get me, Girls?

In any case, after all my rambling, this perfect casually cool little cardigan can take you from morning to night and not miss a step in your mood of the moment. Please just take my word for it!!!


I have baptized our striped mariniere as such, because the color reminds me of my visits to this beautiful French seaport village in the south of France. The light in St. Tropez, after a mistral has blown the clouds away, reveals a sky that is bluer than any blue I have ever seen. Anywhere. So, I call it St. Tropez Blue.

The knitting structure of this particular cashmere piece leaves it feeling airy and light weight when worn. So, do not hesitate to pack it away for your summer holidays……or winter holidays for that matter. My dream life would be wearing this striped sweater with my favorite old jeans and my equally old natural leather Tropezienne sandals and strolling on the beach in Ramatuelle.

I once read that someone’s style should reflect the life that want to live. This is mine.



I have always loved stripes, so I gave my team a mission to create a Crimson Stripe. We quickly realized that it was truly a challenge to coordinate line-ups of colors where we felt satisfied with the outcome. There are times in fashion when you have just missed the moment. However, after several failed attempts over several months, we picked up the pace and finally had our AH OUI (Oh YES) moment. The Crimson Stripe has become one of our favorite colors if Stripe can be called a color. Bravo to my team as you were right on time!!! Clients please note that this is one of those knitwear pieces that just gets better with time. Mine has become my best friend, as I pair it with just about everything I have in my closet. As the knitting structure is quite loose and airy, it allows this cashmere to accompany you throughout the four seasons. Oh yes, another thing…… warned there is some shine around the neck and cuffs…….a little lurex was added to our turmeric base color to give us girls a glow.


Love with a V.png

Minimalist Fashion Photo Collage-2.png


Crimson is giving you a very new take and an upd.png

Love sweater-2.png



As far as active wear is concerned, I do think we can all agree that a cashmere hoodie is acceptable beyond the borders of street wear. Ours is made of Italian100% cashmere yarn and we did a two way zip to allow for more comfort at the bottom if wanted. Also, I think it lends for a little more cool in the look. As this is a unisex item, we did not cinch in the waist just for the sake of offering a feminine looking hoodie. Who wants to look girly in a hoody, anyway. Who is judging? This one just hangs nicely. Enough said. Not rocket science. Just an updated cool looking cashmere hoodie. We all need one. Stop procrastinating. Ours is perfect, people.